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Living Gluten Free

The gluten-free lifestyle can have it’s ups and downs but we want to help you create a solid foundation of health. We have formulated two unique blends of supplements to boost your immune system and to help in times of accidental exposure to gluten. Keep on reading to find out how these are essential to your overall health as you live gluten-free.
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My daughter was 17 years old when she was diagnosed with celiac disease. She had not been well for years. She was weighing only 89lbs and was feeling terrible most of the time. When the diagnosis came we made some significant changes to our lifestyle and eating habits. My daughter couldn’t imagine life without pizza, cookies, or brownies which is how we began creating a great gluten-free flour.

If you are new to celiac disease (also known as coeliac disease); it is an autoimmune condition in which the affected person cannot tolerate gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, spelt and some oats. As those with the disease well know, when gluten is ingested, the body launches an immune response that attacks the small intestine.

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