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Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread


Easy & Delicious

If you have a fresh crop of zucchini and you need interesting ways to use them, then this is the recipe you need! Moist, delicious and gluten-free this Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread is so good people won't even know it's gluten free!


We made this delicious recipe with our Gluten Free All Purpose Flour. It has a great crumb and an amazing taste. Our gluten-free formulation excludes xanthan gum to make this accessible to those with allergies to it. However this recipe is works best with the addition of 1 tsp gluten-free xanthan gum and you can't tell it's been added! :) We also used organic certified Vanilla Extract  that you can purchase from Amazon.



If you don't want to use chocolate chips, you could always substitute them for raisins and that would also taste great! 

One pro tip: 

Leave the bread to cool for at least one hour before trying to cut it! I have rushed this part of the process before and suffered the crumbling consequences. This loaf has so much moisture locked in there that it needs time to cool before you attempt to move or cut it otherwise it will fall apart with you cut slices. Once cooled, it's very easy to slice and serve. You've been warned! :)