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Gluten Free Dutch Baby

Dutch baby, also known as German Pancakes, are a delicious and high protein choice for breakfast or brunch. The name originally comes from when a restaurant introduced the german pancake in the USA as "Deutsch Pancakes", and one mispronunciation after another and it became commonly named "Dutch Baby"! 

This gluten-free adaptation of the original recipe is so versatile, you can use different toppings that give it a different flavor:

  • fresh fruit
  • maple syrup
  • fresh lemon juice with icing sugar and heavy cream
  • peach sauce (like this one!)
  • the possibilities are endless!

Cooking tips:

We make ours in 12" cast iron pan because we like to have a thinner pancakes, but you can make yours in a smaller diameter over-proof dish and still get great results. I would recommend that you don't go any smaller than an 8" diameter dish because you run the risk of the top burning before the middle cooks completely.



Not only can you vary the flavor with toppings but you can also add additional flavors. This recipe calls vanilla extract but you also flavor yours with 3 T of fresh lemon juice or even 1 T of cointreau to give it a great orange-y flavor! Whatever you have on hand.