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Gluten Free Eclair Dessert


This delicious, creamy and gluten-free dessert tastes just like a chocolate eclair! Made with gluten-free graham crackers, whipped cream, vanilla pudding and chocolate ganache, it's easy to put together and delicious to eat! 

We had a hard time sourcing gluten-free graham crackers in our local stores so we ordered some on Amazon: Schar Honeygrams. They taste great and take a lot less time to prepare, but you could definitely choose to make your own graham crackers if you had the time. As the recipes sits together in the fridge the graham crackers soften so nicely, and work perfectly with the other textures of the dessert. 


This recipe uses gelatin to help the dessert to set and stand up at room temperature. However, if you wanted to omit the gelatin, you could freeze the dessert and serve it straight from the freezer. I have not tried the recipe this way, so I can only guarantee it will turn out right with the added gelatin. 

One more thing to note before you launch into making- we estimate with all the fridge breaks you take with this dessert that it's about 4 hours to finish. The actual making part of this recipe is quick and easy and would be the perfect dessert to assemble the day before, store in the fridge overnight and serve the next day. To make extra clean cuts, stick it in a freezer for 15 minutes right before serving.