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Gluten Free Mini Cakes with Maple Buttercream

These gluten-free mini cakes are so cute and perfect for a festive gathering or an autumnal dessert. We made this recipe using our amazing GF Naturals All Purpose Gluten Free Flour that achieves such a delicious and moist crumb that it's hard to tell they are even gluten-free! If you haven't checked out our all-purpose flour, you definitely should along with the countless other recipes we have on our website for you to try out.

Anyway, back to this recipe! This one comes together really easily and is pretty fuss-free. The fussiest thing about the whole recipe is making sure you have your silicone mold greased well. This step is important because if they are not well greased, your cakes will come apart when you remove them from the molds! Our mold is old, but here are some others that are available now on Amazon: 
One HUGE tip that we would highly recommend is allowing the cakes to cool in the mold almost completely before you even attempt to remove the cakes from the molds. We tried to early with a couple only to have them fall apart, half in the mold and half out. Allowing them time to cool helps them to set before you disturb them. If you happen to overfill your mold, it's totally fine. Once they are removed from the mold, simply slice the part off that billowed over the top whilst baking, leaving a flat bottom-no one will ever know  😉
So you don't lose this recipe later, you can pin the image below and come back to it when you are ready to get baking! We have other recipe pins on Pinteresttoo that you might want to check out!